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In love?

May 22, 2013

Well, when you can’t stop thinking about them even when you sleep. When everything they say or do evokes some form of emotion or reaction from you. When they are what motivates you and drives you forwards. When you want to hold them all the time, or if not; be with them, and if not; be near them, and if not; talk to them. When you stop breathing when you read their name; even out of context. When you have your own songs that mean something to you. When you feel close to all their friends and family in some way; even if you haven’t met them. When you find things they say funnier than they might actually be. When you hear your phone or facebook message and hope it’s them every time. When you see any other couple and just know that you are happier. When not speaking to them seems to slow down time. When all their flaws are worth so much to you, you hope they never change. When you want to become interested in their hobbies. When they teach you a lot about yourself. When you want to teach them everything you know, and share everything you’ve done with them. When the thought of being with someone else feels totally alien and worthless. When you don’t want to get over them. When all your fantasies involve pleasing them. When they can hurt you and you’d still rather love them than be with anyone else. When they can make you feel anger and hatred like no one else. When you keep anything that reminds you of them, no matter what. When you’ve been thinking about them this entire post without thought or doubt.

  1. Lucy permalink

    Wow…love it! In fact all the posts u write are amazing, think I’ve covered them all over the past 7 days. Keep it up. Intrigued as to who inspires you.

    • Glad you enjoy them 🙂 if you mean in terms of how I write; I don’t know, I just write! I almost never edit on read throughs…but most of the posts’ content is inspired by my ex Chloe (hence the spelling of “Chlosure”). She taught me a lot about myself and life etc.
      Hope you’re well! X

  2. Lucy permalink

    Hi yes am great thanx. I thought it may be Chloe…you’ve got a v old head on young shoulders. The break was ‘everything’ the doc ordered. How’s u? X

    • Ha, well I was lucky enough to meet someone as amazing as Chloe, and unlucky enough to lose her in fairly unavoidable circumstances. These things will age you I guess!
      I’m pretty well, need to tighten up on my diet now that holiday times are over though! My body’s not a fan of how much I’ve been putting away! X

      • Lucy permalink

        Yes I’m sure, things have a funny way of working out in the long term…time will tell. Holiday overindulgances?? Never! Ha ha, back to normality (of sorts) X

      • Lucy permalink

        Just read ‘Chlosure’, must’ve missed that 1. Totally relate to it, been there done that & I don’t mean that in a dismissive way at all. It happened once, it never completely goes away;ever ! But we learn. We grow. We change..eventually. It’s what makes us who we are. X

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