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Wrestlemania 31: Fantasy Booking

February 24, 2015

This year, I must say, I have been extremely satisfied with how the dance partners have lined up for the show of shows. Provided Daniel Bryan gets his show stealing opportunity against Dolph Ziggler then all the pieces will have fallen in together. But, as always, there is more than one way to do things; and half the fun of being a wrestling fan is dreaming up how you would choose to have things play out. In this fantasy booking I can only use wrestlers available to WWE so there will be no CM Punk V Stone Cold bout on my imaginary card. The other guideline is that my retrospective build can only go back to the start of the Road to Wrestlemania. WWE promotes this as being the Royal Rumble, but more often than not the preliminary seeds are sewn around Survivor Series. So I cannot, for example, realistically put Tyson Kidd in my main event. That build ain’t happening. But, just for funsies, here is one Wrestlemania scenario that we won’t see, but would have earned my Network Subscription at least.

Main event: Brock Lesnar V Daniel Bryan.

Without trying to come across as a disgruntled meta-fan, only hate-watching wrestling to bash Roman Reigns, this is one match that I would love to see. Maybe if Brock sticks around it will happen one day. But after last year’s event, this was the biggest dream match in wrestling. I’m confident this would have headlined Summer Slam without Bryan’s injury. Bryan was riding a unique wave on top of the wrestling world, and the Beast had just ended the Streak. These two were the top two stars in the business, and taking that story full circle would have been hard to top; even though Reign’s coronation is also a compelling story.

Sting V Undertaker.

I know. It could be as bad as Great Khali doing the can-can; but it’s just one of those matches. It wouldn’t have to go very long. The entrances would be the real spectacle, and the build-up would be awe-inspiring. But I can’t help but worry about the quality of match that Bray Wyatt can draw out of Taker these days, so if he’s on the card at all why not fulfil the biggest dream match in wrestling? Or make it a triple threat with Hogan? Just kidding.

Triple H V Roman Reigns.

Reigns is destined to be the top star. And while I think he is more ready than he is being given credit for, it would have been nice to let the idea simmer a little longer. Have the Authority get wary of Reigns’ obvious ascent to the top and prevent him from winning the Royal Rumble. Have Triple H say he’s getting to big for his boots and get any ideas of a Roman Empire out of his head. Rollins in the future after all! Reigns goes through Rollins in the build-up and get the head of the Authority, the COO himself at Mania. What better way to build him up make fans forget (for a short while at least) that he is being groomed for mega stardom.

Dolph Ziggler V John Cena.

I really, really want Ziggler in a high profile match. Doesn’t get much higher than the face who runs the place. Ziggler is tired of playing second fiddle to Cena. He put the Authority out of business at Survivor Series, and where did it get him? Cena sold that up the river, and ends up with a title shot. Where is Ziggler’s title shot? Cena keeps saying that young guys need to go through him? Ziggler is ready to do just that at the Grandest Stage of them all!

Rusev wins the Andre The Giant Battle Royal.

This story with Ryback simply never got resolved. Have Rusev continue his path of destruction by eliminating the Big Guy to be the last man standing.

Bray Wyatt V  Orton.

Randy could have come back slightly earlier and wrapped up with Rollins, the feud seems to have slightly missed its peak and has been too predictable an outcome for months. Bray talks about Orton feeling lost without the Authority having his back. Randy might be the face of WWE, but Bray is the Face of Fear. Having Randy getting snap happy with RKO’s left and right on RAW as he cracks with paranoia while Bray pulls some Undertaker esque mind games would be fun to watch.

Ambrose V Sheamus.

Have Ambrose win the IC title from Bad News at Fastlane. That should have happened in all honesty. Sheamus returns as a heel for the Authority and looks to cement his position by bringing some gold back to head office. Their respective intensities would have made this a fun, fresh brawl.

Rollins V Jericho.

It looks like Mania 31 could be Jericho-less which would be a great shame, but he is still receptive to good offers, and it doesn’t get much better than having a show stopping performance with the Future of WWE. Rollins has been taking pot shots at Jon Stewart, which should culminate in a silly segment on RAW. Stewart could easily bring in some back up in the form of a returning Y2J who is back to save us from Rollins’ smug arrogance. Rollins will prove once and for all that the future is here by putting the “has-been” Chris Jericho in his place.

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd V The Usos V The Ascension V Harper & Rowan

Harper and Rowan make a fantastic monster team, and they seem to be struggling on their own as late. Having had them join forces again properly at the Royal Rumble (as was teased) would have been a smart move to strengthen the tag team division. This match instead will probably feature the unfortunately struggling New Day. The match will be good but not memorable. Having Harper and Rowan reunite as an official team in the build to Mania and win their first titles here would be memorable.

Charlotte V Nikki Bella.

You could promote a Nikki Bella V Paige rematch only to have the Bellas attack Paige backstage. Paige cannot compete, but thinks she knows someone who can teach the Bellas a lesson. Out comes Flair. We’ve had lots of debuts the night after Wrestlemania, but if WWE is going to promote the Divas at all then they need to be exposed (sexual innuendo not intended) on a bigger stage. Having them all in one ring at once and getting a rushed, botched finish achieves nothing. And the shock moment of having Charlotte debut would at least get some positive social media, right? It wouldn’t be doing Paige many favours, but one thing at a time, and her character is already badly damaged. Start redefining the division first and Paige will find her place.

I know this would have produced a possibly 5 hour card, but I’d watch it start to finish. As it stands I still think we’re all in for a great Wrestlemania anyway. So let’s sit back and enjoy the road, and in the mean time, why not post your own fantasy matches you wish you were seeing come March 29th?


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