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16 Reasons to NOT like Jim Halpert

April 12, 2015

Let’s be honest; more or less everyone likes Jim. But he is portrayed to be the perfect man in many ways. I am here to provide the other side of the argument in the form of 16 solid bullet points.

  1. He’s kind of a douche to Karen. He won’t let her move in to a house two blocks away from him because it would be too much like they’re living together? She’s already living like 10 minutes away bro? Grow up.
  2. He’s disproportionately mean to Dwight. Dwight’s annoying. I get it. But Jim torments him. A lot. And elaborately. Many of them (whilst hilarious) go far beyond a mere prank. He tries to get him fired and make him literally lose money. That’s just malicious. Especially cruel is the purse girl set up in Season 1. He deliberately sets Dwight up to fail and laughs all the way.
  3. He’s quite manipulative. This example could have appeared in the previous paragraph; but he is very sneaky about creating a situation where Michael and Dwight fight at the dojo. He uses Pam as a pawn and uses subtle derogation. The branch is having to compete to stay financially viable, and yet he manipulates a scenario for them to all skip work. You might not want to work there Jim, but other people actually need their jobs.
  4. He’s kind of a butthurt. When Dwight snowballs the shit out of him, he plays victim pretty strongly. It’s not even close to being even between you two; let him win one!
  5. He flirts a lot with an engaged girl. Sure, it’s the big love angle of the series; but that’s really not OK dude. If someone gave my fiancée a teapot full of romantic (borderline creepy) mementos, I’d pepper spray that fool and call security.
  6. He’s a coward. He gets really worked up during moments of tension, and always goes into flight mode. When Andy gets angry after he Jello-ed his calculator and kicks a bin, Jim panics. It was your prank; accept there are consequences!? Ditto for Dwight and the snowballs. And on the beach day when Stanley runs at him, he absolutely wets his pants. Man up, it’s only old, fat Stanley!?
  7. He has poor self discipline. This is demonstrated throughout in many ways but as we’re talking about old, fat Stanley… Jim can’t beat him at push ups!? Slim Jim the basketball king!? Do you even lift bro!?
  8. Not good at confrontation. He avoids talking things over with Karen. He doesn’t want to discuss his new career intentions with Pam. He needs to be drunk to break up with Katy in season 2; and then does it like a dick. He never stands up to Todd Packer despite the constant insults. He never goes to Pam’s Meemaw after revealing she is pregnant; Michael even has a go to smooth things over! He gets repeatedly steamrollered by Robert California. He can’t say no to his new business associates in Season 9 when they want larger investment. Want more?
  9. Can’t deal with being disliked. He is an absolute sycophant to Charles Minor, repeatedly trying to get him to return his goodbye, and not wanting to get the run down wrong, or even ask him straight up.
  10. He’s just a yes man. He says what everyone wants here. I’ve already mentioned a couple of examples, but he even does it to his wife: Pam- “Maybe I’m over reacting?” Jim- “maybe.” Pam- “But I don’t think I am.” Jim- “You’re not.”
  11. He’s not honest. Similar to my last point, one the biggest reasons to dislike Jim is in the final season when rather than communicating with Pam effectively about his plans for a new company he lies and agrees to not do it (!?) then just “decided yes anyway”. And Pam gets painted as being more in the wrong than he is?
  12. He’s a kiss ass. I’ve mentioned one instance of him letching Charles Minor, but then lying about being into soccer, and trying to pretend he’s the “Number 2” of the office. Just do some work Jimbo!
  13. He’s so messy, and doesn’t Darryl into consideration at all when they live together. It wouldn’t take much effort to be slightly more bearable when temporarily living with your good friend. But Jim’s not used to spending time with other people.
  14. He doesn’t like parties!? Home by 9 on NYE!? Just have fun dude, stop being self absorbed. There might have been people who wanted to see you on New Years. Not anymore.
  15. He’s unambitious. He stays at a job he doesn’t like for years, and even when his only reason for staying (Pam) rejects him, he just moves sideways. Sure he eventually moves up slightly, and eventually moves on; but how long did it take? Long enough to criticise Pete in the final season for ending up at Dunder Mifflin for years. And years.
  16. He refuses to make friends with the people he works with more so than any other character. Even though they all become close by the end, Jim (and Pam to an extent) don’t engage with the others. They don’t even want them to come the Wedding. I don’t remember Phyllis having that issue, and it’s not like Jim has all these other friends. And when they do get married, they just go off and do it on a boat while everyone who has travelled and paid is just sat at the church.

All in all, unless you’re Pam (and there are reasons why she might not) there aren’t as many reasons to like Jim Halpert as we have been lead to believe. I don’t hate him like a certain Phoebe Buffay (; but maybe you’ll agree he’s far from perfect.

  1. Want me to get you some traffic on this too ? Start off the chain of replys ?? Get the ball rolling for you?!

  2. I hope we can meet someday and I can explain why Phoebe is the best..!

  3. Mayank Goel permalink

    Very true. Jim just didn’t appeal that much to me, Micheal and Dwight appealed far more. Both have their own faults, but their redemption is good enough.

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