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15 Things that have annoyed me about the General Election

May 7, 2015
  1. The bloated coverage. There has been an unprecedented amount of nothing. Which is frustrating when looking out for the “somethings” that might entice you to vote.
  2. The inane questions that don’t consider the big picture. We all want the Prime Minister to increase minimum wage, cut the deficit, create more jobs, fund schools and the NHS, reduce tuition fees and taxes, and make Britain the world leader in technology, enigneering and lead the way environmentally. Are you not listening David Cameron!?
  3. The public trying to “politic” politician’s like they’re on trial; and not simply accepting answers being given. I listened to a 20 minute podcast about the living wage; and believe it or not, Mr Cameron did not know the exact figures for every region in the country. And he couldn’t live on £6.50 an hour. What an ignorant twit.
  4. The “cool” factor of having an opinion because… politics.
  5. The ignorant advice from said “cool” people on Facebook comments. Baaaasically, yeah, they’re all gonna fuck the country right up.
  6. The want for change for change’s sake and general criticism of everything because politics.
  7. The reminders that thousands of people died so that we have to vote. That was the reason, right?
  8. The door to door propaganda. I miss Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  9. The Facebook sharing status. So a lot of my friends have voted. how surprising!?
  10. The question “are you voting?”
  11. The question “why not?”
  12. The pressure to vote…but only for MY party. Not the others. That’s a waste of a vote.
  13. The idea of a wasted vote.
  14. The seemingly overwhelming disregard for compromise…from the public. The government should cater to my every whim, and until that happens, I’m voting for fascism.
  15. Ed Miliband.                                                            
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