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“You will not have my hatred”

June 13, 2016

I am writing a book. It’s a little different from Shituation. That was all fact (trust me). This is going to be fiction; but plausible fiction. Plausible in the sense of loose logic, not a realistic prediction. It is intended to deal with many of the things that fascinate me: the Physics of the Universe, the mystery of Consciousness, the possibility of Artificial Intelligence. Potential best seller or not, it has been fun for me to work on; largely because of the research involved. Now, the Physics, complicated as it is, turned out to be pretty straight forward. It’s Human Nature that has been causing me issues.

I recently watched a documentary on the great Pyramid in Giza. In primary school I was taught that it served as tomb for the Pharaohs. But this was just an assumption. The history of Ancient civilisations is admittedly shrouded in mystery, and we have largely filled in the gaps through a cultural lens that fits our modern perception.

There is actually more evidence to say that it was an enormous battery. There is huge evidence behind this theory, in fact. And the more I thought about it the more I started to believe this was likely the case.

Now, I don’t believe in the Ark of the Covenant, astrology, magic crystals, or extra terrestrial intervention. I don’t believe specifically in the Ages of Man like the Ancients predicted either; but it seems intriguing to me that across the Ancient World, they consistently made predictions based on celestial movements. And they all predict that right about now, humanity is in the depth of the Dark Age. That was what was meant by the ending of the Mayan Calendar by the way: not the apocalypse. (In our arrogance and cynicism of past cultures we chose to laugh at rather than explore any significance of what they believed was inevitable). After all, in this age of communication, of technology, of wealth, of relative ease; how can we be in the Dark Ages compared to previous civilisations that were surely so primitive?

It’s jarring to think that could be the case when I am sat in bed, on a laptop, with food in abundance in the house, and access to information, materials, and society at my fingertips. I think we are all aware that much of our modern western lives is bad for us. We know, really, that we don’t need fame and wealth. We know that we don’t need to drink and abuse drugs. We know that the stress of work, and our diets, and our energy use is all negatively affecting society and the planet as a whole. We all know that evil is out there in the world. It is seen on the news every day, most obviously in acts of terror and war. But the Dark Age? Come on.

Sometimes, just sometimes, when I hear about unusual cruelty and abuse I am overwhelmed, momentarily, by sadness and a lack of faith in humanity as a whole.

Something I know, is that people with a lot are often very unhappy. And that people with very little can be extremely content. And something I’ve known for a while is that the end goal of any pursuit in life is eventually happiness. We make sacrifices, for ourselves and for each other, but in the end it is all done in a pursuit of happiness. But those two things when put together don’t equate to the lives we lead. I doubt I am alone in saying that I am motivated by money; not for survival, but for luxury. Even for the provision of further luxury. I want to be able to provide for my family for the rest of my life; but I could do that anywhere. I could take everyone I love with me to live in a monastery in pursuit of earthly nirvana, and know that if we all committed to existential meditation, we could be happy for the rest of our lives. We could feel fulfilled in ways that a big house, or nice cars don’t really provide.

This is the paradox of modern society. We don’t have needs, so succumb to wants. We are informed throughout our entire lives that we are not enough by the irrepressible obsession of material. And  depression and, more specifically, dissatisfaction is rife wherever we look. Is it so crazy to think that homeostasis extends to our spiritual health, and that by seeking material wealth, and distancing ourselves from our own existence we are causing our very own pain?

Many Ancient civilisations also refer to a Golden Age. This was an age of enlightenment, where provision was plenty and society was peaceful. It’s not so crazy to envision. Think about a society that was self-sufficient, and not motivated by power or external influences. We presume that it was slavery, not invention, that built the Pyramids and other Ancient treasures. Even though we do not know how they would have moved so many thousands of hundred ton blocks to create such a mathematically perfect structure or such intricate gold plating. We just presume, based on our assumption that we are the greatest civilisation that has ever existed, and the fact that that’s how we would have done it. Is it so crazy to think that a civilisation that was stable many times longer than we have been could have been more advanced than we are? The world has changed a lot in the many thousands of years since then, but we have not become a different species. In a world without distraction, and with stability and insight, is it not likely, that they were capable of more?


I am hardly a preacher. I am the one voting for the way things are. Every penny I spend is funding profit organisations, government policies, lies and a hypocritical society. I am society. But the more I research and the more I have learned and thought, really thought, the more I am overwhelmed by how wrong everything around me is. I am overwhelmed by the fact that I don’t think there is anything anyone can do to help it. Better people than me have tried. There are campaigns of awareness every day but still we live in a world where women aren’t slim enough, men aren’t big enough, race still matters, and ignorance is growing at a greater rate even than information, and obesity and poverty are rife in equal measure, and drugs are both prohibited and promoted. Free market capitalism allows addictions to be fuelled by immediate rewards.

There is no respect, no honesty, no humility. Most of all there is no empathy. No empathy with our friends and loved ones, no empathy for those who make our lives harder. No empathy for religion, no empathy for atheism. No empathy with ourselves, or for the human condition. We vote with our pennies every day for media that reinforces our ineptitude.

We support our favourite hypocrites like heroes, voting for the best of a bad bunch, and knowing that their lies aren’t as bad as the others’. We place icons on pedestals of unattainable brilliance and are let down when they are cheats; no better at being human than you or I. We prescribe pharmaceuticals and ban natural substances. We condemn war, and those who fight against fighting. We judge everything on the snapshot of an end product and don’t care about stories, moderation, spirituality, or real life.


There are too many causes to choose from. There is great beauty in the World but so little of it through humanity. We play our part in natural disasters, in the appalling distribution of incalculable wealth, in the retention of power by those without responsibility.

The only cause I can control is my own. Everything we do, greedy or selfless is in the pursuit of happiness. I am not advocating we all take LSD. Or that we refuse antidepressants. Or that we revolt against Government. I am not deploring those people who shop at supermarkets, or buy magazines, fuel celebrity culture, yet scoff at “hippies” who meditate to escape the web of conspiracy theories that surround our nations.

I am imploring an open mindedness. I’m advocating an examination of our own human condition: our values, our genuine needs, our pursuit of happiness. I’m hoping for a return of human consciousness and free will. I desperately want to live in a place where children are curious about where they have come from, of what we are heading towards, of what we are made, and how best to enjoy it. I don’t call for more cynicism, but for introspective awareness that each of us can be better than what society wants and commands us to be.

We should not pity and assume that those who value spirituality have no practicality. We should not use evolution as an excuse for greed. We should open our minds to the wisdom that only knowledge worth money is saved.

Believe what you want about the Pyramids, but research first before assuming. Did you know that Nikola Tesla designed a similar structure to generate free wireless electricity? If you didn’t it’s probably because his project had its funding removed by a man who valued profit over progress.

Seeking the quick fix is human nature. The travesty is in how the system allows us to pursue it. Humans have evolved beyond the simplistic survival of the fittest. We have developed mirror neurons that allow us to have experiences based on observing others. This is how we can feel pride in loved ones achievements, and pain in others’ loss. We have evolved to empathise, to be part of a greater social organism beyond just an individual. This has allowed us to build phenomenal civilisations, and work towards our collective futures like no other species before us.

The tragedy in Orlando is not to do with religion, sexuality, or American gun policy at its very core. It is to do with a culture that breeds internal motivations, not external empathy. Every day people are working against our very own nature, against the true human condition with monstrous results. Yes, we can call for political change, and radical repercussions. But the eventual solution is trust, empathy and love. once again we should remember the words of Antoine Leiris who lost his wife in the Paris Attacks last year: “You will not have my hatred.” ” We are only two, my son and I, but we are more powerful than the world’s armies. And every day of his life this little boy will insult you with his happiness and freedom, because you don’t have his hatred either.”

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  1. Elliot permalink

    What a wonderful piece of writing, having read your book and a lot of your articles I’m inspired by how articulate and insightful you are. I hope to read more and be inspired further rather than the reading the thoughtless garbage that the media produces.

    Take it easy and good luck in your future.

    One love.

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